Research Interests

I am a final year PhD student working at the Oxford Protein Informatics Group (OPIG) under Prof. Charlotte Deane. My PhD is also being supervised by Alexander Bujotzek and Guy Georges from Roche.

I am broadly interested on how to best use novel deep learning methods on available antibody data to aid in the design of novel therapeutics. During my PhD I have mostly focused on predicting the structure of antibodies using equivariant deep learning. In my first year I developed ABlooper, a fast method for predicting the structure of CDR loops in antibodies using equivariant graph neural networks. During my second year I focused on developing ImmuneBuilder, a set of tools capable of predicting the structure of antibodies, nanobodies and TCRs with an accuracy comparable to AlphaFold2. I was also involved in the development of KA-Search, a method for rapidly searching large antibody datasets.


OPIG website
Edinburgh Physics
Melbourne Physics

Other interests

I grew up in a tiny village in the north of Spain with three brothers and two beautiful dogs. I like all types of kayaking, visiting new places, discovering new books and playing board games. Here are some photos!!!

Etive Kayaking
Rodiles Dogs
Taj Mahal
Nong Khiaw
New Zealand Kayak
Sella Kayaking